Ensil's Integrated Solutions Our Mission

Ensil Technical Services Inc. has the required technical expertise, facilities and the advance test and diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair complex electronic circuit board assemblies found in communication, industrial, medical, mainframe, aerospace and military industries. Our technical staff are fully trained to diagnose and repair electronic products such as printed circuit boards (PCB), power supplies, displays, drives and controllers.

Ensil’s commitment to quality engineering, repair, logistics and best-cost pricing paved the way for diversification into many other related engineering fields over the last quarter century. However, no other growth area of Ensil was a more natural extension to our business than the repair, rework and failure analysis of circuit boards and electronic assemblies for: AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control) Systems, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponder, LRU (line-replaceable unit), Military ECM devices, different platforms of Navy Radar Systems, SATCOM, Sentinel Radar, SINCGARS, Submarine Sonars, Tactical and Communication Radios.

As a defence contractor with a Canadian CAGE code L1679, registered with Canadian Controlled Goods Program and having Military Critical Technical Data Agreement DD 2345, Ensil Technical Services Inc. is positioned to be your global supply chain partner. Our outstanding technical staff is suited for military, aerospace, naval and industrial equipment manufacturing, design and repair. Our company handles all orders regardless of availability of National Stock Numbers (NSN).


At our electronics repair depot we are aware that non-conforming production runs can be costly and time-consuming which can cause millions of dollars in financial loss. Ensil provides rapid and cost-effective rework solutions for numerous electronic OEMs here at home, overseas and for the end users. Our engineering lab is fully equipped with numerous BGA rework systems operated by highly trained technical teams. This system is complemented by modern X-Ray equipment and visual aids that can magnify up to 2000X; easily detecting any shorts circuit or voids.


To excel for a distinct
technological edge for
the North American
defence industry.
To be a technology
solution provider for
an effective materiel
management for
dominance of the U.S.
and Allied Forces.
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