Coast Guard Electronics Repair Services Our Mission
Ensil Technical Services Inc. specializes in repair, overhaul, maintenance, integration, fabrication, upgrade, rework and total life-cycle support of communication-electronic equipment and systems. Our company has the expertise to repair, rework and refurbish virtually every electronics circuit board, subassembly or system in the Armed Forces structure and impact every aspect of the modern battlefield.

Ensil’s commitment to quality engineering, logistics and best-cost pricing paved the way for diversification into many engineering related fields over the last quarter century. However, no other growth area of Ensil was a more natural extension to our core repair business than the repair and failure analysis of circuit boards and assemblies for:
AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control System), Warfare System, FOF Missiles, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponder, LRU (line-replaceable unit), Military ECM Device, different platforms of Navy Radar System, SATCOM, Mono-Pulse Radar, Sentinel Radar, SINCGARS, Submarine Sonar, Tactical and Communication Radios, Submarine Sonar, Sea Sparrow Missile.

Electronic systems product support is performed by bringing together skill sets and expertise and combining many of the standalone repair practices in a modern electronics repair and rework center, resulting in a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel and resources used to perform these vital services. Our company prototyping, manufacturing and automated inventory and tracking systems have been integrated into the repair process to ensure established performance metrics are met.

We can provide engineering and logistics support, engineering change proposals, product improvement, spares and repair parts processing, obsolete material management and repair of electronic products and equipment used by various military departments.
To excel for a distinct
technological edge for
the North American
defence industry.
To be a technology
solution provider for
an effective materiel
management for
dominance of the U.S.
and Allied Forces.
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