Ensil's Integrated Solutions Our Mission

Other than their own branded products, most manufacturers do not supply off-the-shelf solutions. Customer who are leaders in their industry turn to Ensil Technical Services Inc. to overcome challenges that other suppliers have refused to attempt. Ensil Technical Services Inc. specializes in doing things with electronics circuit boards that have never been done before.

Custom solutions optimize your design for cost, space and efficiency. For low volume or prototyping, Ensil Technical Services Inc. can be your sole supplier and engineering support partner.

Reverse Engineering

The market dynamics of mergers and acquisitions has resulted in OEM data no longer being available. The company’s solution to this dilemma is Ensil’s Reverse Engineering Expertise and Experience. If an asset is available and there is partial (or even no) documentation available, Ensil’s engineering team can develop the drawings and ATP’s required to repair the asset and provide new builds. With our in-house test capabilities, we can subject these repairs to various testing conditions including altitude, temperature, shock, vibration and humidity conditions to insure that this unit will operate under demanding conditions.

Ensil’s unique technological capabilities can be your partner to solve many of engineering and technological problems. Let Ensil's Reverse Engineering Program extend the operating life of your legacy and mature systems. Contact info@ensil.com for more information.


To excel for a distinct
technological edge for
the North American
defence industry.
To be a technology
solution provider for
an effective materiel
management for
dominance of the U.S.
and Allied Forces.